Custom Styles for your kitchen artGreat design lives everywhere. Crossovers are evident in trends for both residential and commercial spaces, infusing boutique hotels with touches of home and injecting urban industrial features into lofts and houses. “Our company brings it all together with our custom glass showers, walls, enclosures, counters, mirrors and more,” says Eric LaMarre of Bay-View Glass & Mirror.

Bay-View’s back-painted glass has taken off in a huge way as businesses, builders and homeowners realize the one-of-a-kind wow effects that can be achieved. “People love that it’s open, sleek, modern and awesome, in almost any colour you desire,” Eric says.

For more inspirational ideas, start with a visit to the showroom of Bay-View Glass & Mirror. The stunning impact of back-painted glass is evident in a desk, coffee table and Euro style glass vanity. Enjoy a complimentary beverage at the floating drinks counter and set your imagination free, with Bay-View Glass owners Al LaMarre and his son, Eric, as your style guides.

Another in demand product is barrier free showers with sliding glass doors – and no curb. “If you have kids or mobility issues, our beautiful custom shower design has all the function but none of the obvious look of a handicap accessible shower,” Eric explains. The frameless glass panel design provides the multifunction of a sliding door system, without a bottom track to trip over or collect dirt. The shower’s walls can be done in clear, textured or back-painted glass, tile, marble – whatever appeals to you. At the Bay-View showroom, you can test the sliding glass shower doors to experience their easy operation.

Bay-View’s different sliding door systems offer choice to customers. The Serenity Series uses minimal hardware so the frameless glass enclosure appears as though floating off the floor. Specially designed roller bearings allow for quiet, easy opening and closing of the door. This unique roller system operates above the header support bar that spans the top of the enclosure.

The Laguna Series sliding door system combines Serenity’s features with distinctive barn door style hardware mounted overhead. “It is very on trend, once again blurring the lines between commercial and residential style,” says Eric. Laguna is also available as completely frameless.

To protect your glass shower enclosure’s clarity and finish for many years, Bay-View can fabricate it with optional Shower-Guard™ glass, engineered with a coating that resists hard water, prevents staining from daily use and simplifies cleaning.

Glass features open up small spaces and give clear structure to large ones. In the kitchen, glass is a hygienic, stunning choice for backsplashes and counters. An island topped with an inch-thick slab of aqua hued glass becomes a clean, calm oasis. A staircase’s elegance is enhanced with smoked or etched tempered glass panels. While design trends come and go, creative, stylish glass elements endure.

For over 25 years, Bay-View Glass & Mirror has cheerfully helped customers with their needs, from a small mirror for a powder room to a new hotel full of custom showers and glass accents. The team gets excited about designing, fabricating and installing every project and take pride in their work. “Only perfection is acceptable to us,” Eric says. “We really are the complete package for today’s home and business owner.”

Article from Windsor Life Magazine.