Here`s looking at you artA 20th anniversary is a time of reflection. Especially when you are celebrating two decades in the mirror business.  Allan LaMarre, owner of Bay-View Glass & Mirror Ltd., remembers that he started his family and his company at about the same time. His son, Eric, has grown right along with Bay-View, for the past two years, Eric has been working in the back of the shop, learning the ropes of the business that developed from 800 sq.ft. and one hand polisher to 7,000 sq.ft. and state-of-the-art equipment.  “Every year, we have upgraded our machinery, increasing our capabilities and expanding our product lines,” Allan says. The Bevone beveling machine turns out custom beveled glass and mirror products at competitive prices.

With the aid of our new Ba Velloni polisher, Bay-View is able to produce and handle finished products efficiently and safely. Bay-View’s work is custom designed and fabricated in the Bay-View’s own manufacturing facility to meet the customers’ requirements. “We can handle just about anything our customers envision,” Allan says. “There is no need for Windsorites to go to Toronto to get what they want.” The company specializes in beveled glass shower doors, both framed and frame-less, and in all-glass Euro-Style seamless glass shower enclosures. Examples of showers solutions, decorative glass panels, beveled, detached and tinted mirrors and other creative workmanship are on display in the Bay-view’s showroom. Although Bay-View has earned its reputation for high end complex design, products and installations, the staff will gladly fill an order for a small beveled mirror for a power room. “People are often surprised that we are not to big to turn away a little request – and that our prices are so reasonable. We’re here to help people, after all,” Allan says. As part of its complete residential, commercial and industrial glass and mirror services, Bay-View also repairs and replaces customers’ existing mirrors.

A member of Greater Windsor Home Builders Association, Bay-View collaborates on projects with architectural, engineering and interior design firms in Windsor and Essex County. “The talent pool here is amazing and the tradespeople are fantastic,” says Allan. “We are proud to work with such outstanding professionals.” Allan thinks the Bay-View team is pretty terrific too. “My staff is awesome. Most have been with us long term. They’ve done a great job getting us to where we are today. We are serious about our work; yet we have a lot of fun on the job. “We are grateful for the business that home-builders and homeowners give us,”Allan says. Bay-View serves people from Essex County to London. Many of the orders come through customer referrals to friends and family. The second and third generations of original customers rely on Bay-View for mirror and glass products for their own homes. “Our customers have made our first 20 years a pleasure,” Allan says. “We’re looking forward to another 20 years.” Article Provided By: Windsor Life Magazine.